A New AWARD for DEUS: Special Jury Prize Award for Innovation contest, Big Data 2013 (« Prix Special du Jury, Trophée de l’Innovation Big Data 2013 »)

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DEUS received Thursday, April 4 the « Prix Spécial du Jury du Trophée de l’innovation, Concours Big Data 2013 » (http://www.bigdataparis.com/2013-fr-trophee-innovation.php)
43 projects had been submitted by various companies (ESA, Credit Mutuel, LA Poste, Orange, SFR, Yahoo…), in astronomy European Space Agency deposited the project « GAIA Satellite Data Processing Challenges ». The objective of this competition was to showcase the diversity of projects in the area of ​​Big Data and reward and publicize the boldest, most creative, most innovative and most importantly from the point of view uses.

The jury consisted of experts from different backgrounds Big Data, both heavy users of Big Data (La Poste, Orange, EDF, Circle Lab), as well as consultants and suppliers (with Sopra and EMC). A representative of the Ministry of Research has also participated in the debate. « Journal du Net » was part of the jury.