Dark Energy Universe Simulation Series (DEUSS)

We have performed an unprecedented series of Grand Challenge simulations, probing scales from 3 kpc to 10 Gpc for three realistic dark energy models including dynamical dark energy (quintessence with Ratra-Peebles potential, quintessence with supergravity correction) and ΛCDM.

Each simulation has evolved  billion of particles from a typical starting redshift of z=100 down to z=0.  About 150  To of data were produced, consisting in numerous snapshots, lightcones and subsamples (at each coarse time step). This set of dynamical dark energy simulation was run the most often on 25 000 Bluegene/P cores at IDRIS supercomputer center.

Our goal is to diffuse these data in a user friendly format through the database DEUVO and promote their analysis within the DEUS Consortium.

Projected density field at z=0 from 3 simulations of the Dark Energy Universe Simulation Series (DEUSS) with 1 billion particles each. In red, the assumed cosmology is ΛCDM, in green quintessence with supergravity correction (SUGRA) and in blue quintessence with Ratra-Peebles potential.  On large linear scale (225 Mpc) the difference between cosmologies are small (black and white picture), whereas in small non-linear scales (14 Mpc) the difference are amplified by the gravitationnal collapse (multicolored picture).

DEUSS main features: