DEUS FUR Characteristics

DEUS FUR is currently the largest and most performing dark matter simulation of the entire cosmos ever realized probing scales from 40 kpc/h to 21 Gpc/h for three dar energy models; the concordance ΛCDM model a quintessence model and a fantom model.

DEUS FUR is an acronym for « Dark Energy Universe Simulation – Full Universe Run ».

The simulation has followed the self-gravitational evolution of 8192^3 (549 755 813 888) particles in cubic volume of (21 Gpc)^3 .

This simulation has required 5 million cpu hour on 76032 cores of the Curie Supercomputer at TGCC

It has used 304 128 Go of memory.

150 Po data have been generated during the run. Using an optimized chain of post-processing programs we have been able to reduce these data to about 1.5 Po.

Comparison of the DEUS FUR box length to previous simulation runs